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Underwater photographs and More
Photos by Everett M. Turner Jr.

Over the years since this site was started , I have accumulated 1000's of photos.  I have moved these to an alternate site, where they can be viewed much easier. You will be re-directed to this site by clicking on the links here.
You will find many galleries of photos of fish that we encounter . They range from the common reef fish, such as grunts, squirrel fish and gobies to the  rare, like the Toad Fish Goby or the Emerald Cling Fish.

When you are redirected to my other site, it should open in a new browser window. As all the various fish and creatures are not all in dedicated galleries, be sure to look at the galleries designated by a date and destination and not just by subject.  Cayman June 2010 would be an example of such a gallery. In it you will not only find reef fish but nudibranchs, turtles, tube worms and crabs among others.