You might note that I have included seahorese and eels here with the reef critters which might better be in the reef fish. While they are fish I think of them as more with the creatures or as I like to call them critters.

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Photos by Everett M. Turner Jr.

There are numerous citizens of the reef besides the fishes. I call them Reef Critters. They range from the well known, such as lobsters, hermit crabs and urichins, to the not so well known and sometimes rarely seen, such as brittle stars, gorgonian shrimp or nudibranchs.  This page will take you to where you will find a number of photo galleries with theses critters. Some of the galleries are dedicated to one type of critter but some are mixed with different types as well as fish. If there is something in particular that you are looking for and can't find please contact me.

As with Reef Fish, not all Reef Critters are in dedicated galleries, be sure to look at the galleries designated by a date and destination and not just by subject.  In addition many of the main galleries do have  galleries within them, for exampleTurtles are a sub gallery of Reef Critters.