On-Line Purchases

Photos may be purchased as prints in several sizes. Other items such as mugs, puzzles, tee shirts and cards are available. Most photos and items are purchased through my site at dollyjeb.shutterbugstorefront.com .
Some photos and photo collages are available in a laminated form. They are approximately 11 1/2" x 17 1/2" inches. They make nice place mats, desk blotters and mouse pads.  Also available are PhotoPainting prints.  They can be printed on canvas paper if desired.You may contact me via email to place an order directly or for clarification of any questions.

If there is another underwater subject you are interested in but don't see here, contact us, we may have it or will search and try to get it on a future dive trip.

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Underwater photographs and More
Photos by Everett M. Turner Jr.