We thank all of you who purchased  our book,Cayman Nudibranchs.  We hope you have enjoyed it . It is still available for $16.99 at  www.Amazon.com  or www.createspace.com/3949565.

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Underwater photographs and More
Photos by Everett M. Turner Jr.

We are very excited to announce the publication of our second book, Cayman Has Worms!. Along with our long time friend and dive buddy, Cindy Abgarian, Essi and I have published this collection of photographs of the marine worms we have found over the years while diving Grand Cayman. The book is available at : www.createspace.com/4905627. It is also available from Amazon.The price is $24.95 plus shipping. The book and its price is the same at either sight but we make more from the Createspace site (hint , hint).