A number of years ago , Essi and I had a couple of Catahoula hounds, Dolly and Jeb. Dolly was from Texas and Jeb from Georgia. They were a couple of characters that we loved dearly.  About the time we had them, we took up diving and not long after I took up underwater photography. When I started to make greeting cards for family and friends, using some of my pictures, DollyJeb Publishing came into being more or less as a joke.

Over the years family, friends and acquaintances encouraged me to share my pictures with others; thus DollyJeb Enterprises seemed a logical name for this new endeavor. 

We hope you enjoy the site even if you don't purchase anything. I am always happy to show pictures and talk about our favorite diving locales. Feel free to contact me.

DollyJeb Enterprises
Underwater photographs and More
Photos by Everett M. Turner Jr.